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Food Truck Lender offers affordable loan options for the purchase of a new or used food truck, whether from a private seller or dealer. If you have ever wanted a food truck, we are here to help. Don't delay starting your dream job as a fully mobile chef!

Your credit score won't be impacted!
Apply for up to $40,000 for your food truck business!
Affordable Food Truck Financing

Feed the Masses! Apply for Financing to Start Your Very Own Food Truck Business!

Food Truck Lender offers affordable loan options for those looking to own their own food tuck, concession stand, or mobile catering business.

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Reach more customers and make more money with your own fully mobile restaurant.

America's growing Food Truck industry has over 15,000 trucks and over 650 million in profits.

Food Truck Lender offers financing options to buy a new or used food truck.

Go where the money is: festivals, parties, street corners, catering events, and more!

Starting a Food Truck business is 90% cheaper than opening a restaurant.

We feature a paperless and convenient loan application process that takes just minutes.

Food Truck Loan Rates and Terms

Food Truck Lender provides unsecured loan options with low, fixed interest rates and loan terms of your choosing. The terms of your loan are entirely upfront, and you can view them before committing to your loan.

At Food Truck Lender, you can apply for between $1,000 and $40,000, however much you need to get your mobile restaurant on the road. The interest rates of these online food truck loans range between 5.99% and 35.36%, and will not change over the course of your loan period. You can choose a loan length period of 1, 3, or 5 years.

It takes just minutes to apply for a food truck loan at Food Truck Lender. Upon approval of your application, up to $40,000 can be deposited directly into your bank account within 2-4 business days.


Why Apply Online for a Food Truck Loan?

Applying for a loan online can get you the money you need to start your business within days. The benefits of applying at Food Truck Lender are:

  • Interest rates starting at 5.99%
  • Loan terms of your choosing (1, 3, or 5 years)
  • A fast online application, taking just minutes
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Get rolling and cooking - Apply at Food Truck Lender today!


Would you prefer a Personal or Business Loan?

Unsecured Personal Loan:

(No Collateral Necessary)

Apply for up to $40,000


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Apply for up to $250,000

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